Fall 2020: How to prepare for IELTS in 15 days?

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Overview Of Different Sections Within IELTS

Different Types Of Questions You Can Expect

IELTS: 15-Day plan for 7.5+ Score

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"Did you know that having a good score in your speaking section increases your chances of getting funding in the form of a teaching assistantship?"

While your GRE score is the first stage of shortlisting applications, having a HIGH IELTS score can help you get additional benefits such as funding, better admissions chances, easier visa processing etc.

In our Exclusive Seminar, we'll be talking about:

1)The different sections in IELTS, namely, reading, speaking, listening and writing.

2) How to approach the different types of questions

3) TOEFL vs. IELTS - which one should you choose?

Apart from these, we'll also love to take up any additional questions you may have regarding IELTS, so that you walk away from the seminar with absolute clarity!

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3 Proven Steps

to a High GRE Score

3 Proven Steps

to a High GRE Score

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