MS in Australia: Deadlines, popular courses & funding opportunities

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IELTS Requirements & admission process in Australia

Overview of tuition fees, popular courses & deadlines

Planning your MS applications for Australia easily

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Sydney. Brisbane. Melbourne.

If your first association with Australia was through their formidable cricket team, believe me, you’re not alone!

But, Australia has a lot more to offer than just a competitive match on a Sunday afternoon.

For example, what does Australia have in store for your MS dreams?
What kind of courses are best to pursue in Australia?
Which universities offer the courses you want!
How different/same is the admission process in Australia than the US?

Answering these questions and giving you all the information you need, here’s an Expert Online Seminar organized by popular demand.

Join us on September 13th at 06 PM in an Exclusive Online Seminar to get the full details!

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