Canada 2020: Top Universities with deadlines in March

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You will learn

How different factors in your profile impact your MS admissions

5 things you can do to build your profile for a Toronto, Waterloo & McGill admit.

In-depth analysis of student profiles who got Toronto, Waterloo & McGill admits!

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You shouldn't miss this seminar

MS in Canada: A very popular Destination for students looking for MS in Biotechnology or Pharmacy. Are they good for other engineering branches?

Universities like McGill, UBC, University of Torronto are well popular and it is important to understand the requirements & the popular courses. There are some burning questions like:

"Is GRE needed or IELTS score enough?
"When are the deadlines?
Are the job opportunities as good as USA?

Don't worry! We've got your covered. This exclusive Online Seminar, we will be discussing all that you need to know about MS in Canada.

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3 Proven Steps

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