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There are 4 major components to focus on if you wish to ace the IELTS. 
1. Understanding the IELTS
The IELTS exam comprises of 4 distinct sections, to test various language skills of the test taker. These are your Listening,  Reading,  Writing and, of course, Speaking skills. 
Production Skills are your speaking and writing abilities. These are called as production skills because these skills help in expressing our thoughts, ideas, and views.. They are also known as active or constructive skills. 
Comprehension Skills are the counterparts of production skills. Reading and listening are the skills we use to receive and understand information.  Mastering these two are the only way to ace this exam!
Students giving the IELTS should learn how to gain mastery over their production and comprehension skills if they wish to achieve their dream scores. We recommend students to devote at least one hour to each skill daily. 
2.  Figuring out your Strengths and Weaknesses. 
Before you jump straight into your preparations, it is important to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and there is no shame in having multiple areas of weakness. 
After analyzing the data of our own students, we at IELTSedge have figured out that the majority of students need support of an external expert when it comes to their production skills, that is- writing and speaking sections. 
Writing Section
There are 4 things that the IELTS look out for while grading you in the writing section: 
The first is Task Achievement- this talks about the quality of your ideas and the appropriateness of your supporting ideas to back your ideas or opinions. This parameter measures how pertinent are your ideas to the question asked, and how relevant your composition is.
Next up is Coherence and Cohesion- To get a score in Band 7, you should make sure to organise your thoughts, ideas, and supporting information in a smooth and logical manner; ensuring a clear progression of thoughts throughout your essay
Lexical Resource, which speaks about the strength of your vocabulary and sentence styles is another important aspect, followed by your Grammatical Range and Accuracy which relates to your grammatical accuracy and use of punctuation. 
Improve your vocabulary (lexical resource), by learning at least 15 to 20 new words each day. Throw in a few synonyms and antonyms based activities in the mix as well for a change. 
Watching English TV series also helps you in improving your comprehension skills. If you are a beginner in this, try watching some initial set of episodes with subtitles and gradually you try to watch the episodes without the subtitles. Famous TV series like Breaking Bad, Friends, Downton Abbey can really help you in improving your vocabulary and comprehension skills.
3. Practice and Feedback
Once you understand a particular IELTS section and hone the skills to tackle it, ensure that you practice using IELTS-Style questions for that SPECIFIC section. By testing all the concepts you have learnt, you will be able to know exactly what mistakes you have to avoid in each section.
Moreover, just practicing isn’t good enough. You must also look out for feedback! 
When you get a question wrong, you must first analyse your approach- Look out for what went wrong, what confused you and what type of question you had difficulty with. If needed, take feedback from an expert on what you did wrong and how to rectify it in the best possible manner. An expert will even help you analyse what you did right in a question! He will be able to guide you to other possible methods in solving those types of questions FASTER! 
In fact, this is one of the main approaches that most 7.5+ band scorers take while preparing with us! At IELTSedge, we provide our students with personalized online support from our team of highly experienced professionals to ensure they achieve their target IELTS band.
4. Practicing a full length test
The IELTS not only tests your production and comprehension skills, but also tests your endurance and stamina to last the entire duration of the test. By doing multiple run-through, you will train yourself to focus for the entirety of the paper, and never let your attention waver!
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