IELTS 2019: Free 1-on-1 Speaking Evaluation

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Exclusive 1-on-1 Speaking Evaluation by expert

Grammar tips and techniques to improve fluency

Proven strategies to improve vocabulary

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Hey there! Let’s talk about you!

How would you feel when someone tells you this?
Someone who is sitting across you in a quite big room with a pen in one hand and a
paper in another, scribbling down notes on your communication skills?

Oh, wait! There is more!

This “someone” is evaluating you on a test that you need to go abroad for your MS.
Your whole life depends on this, a little literally.
So how confident are you in your communication skills?

Let’s make it simpler by giving you options:

1) Feel like a big lump in my heart is stuck in my throat.
2) High level of sudden nervousness that you end up talking too much.
3) Confident enough to talk, but do it in an accent that makes you question if it is really English.
4) Confident and good accent. But grammar is a problem and you end up mixing every single grammar rule.

Which category do you think you belong to?

Maybe you might belong the very rare 5th category that is Confident, Fluent and goodcommand over grammar.
But with something that is as big as your IELTS, do you want to take a chance?
(And yes, your IELTS Speaking score has a role to play in your VISA process too.)This is why 83% of IELTS test takers find the speaking session to be the most difficult.

They have questions like
1) What kind of questions are asked in the speaking section?
2) How should I answer these questions?
3) How is the speaking section evaluated?
4) How can I get a good score band in the speaking section?

Are you also one of them?
Then this webinar is just for you!
We will cover the tips and techniques to master your speaking skills and also focus on all topics related to the Speaking section, from vocabulary to fluency in a 1 hour seminar!

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